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  • Natural Gas Repair

We'll test your Natural Gas connections.

Natural gas is a wondrous thing that helps homes and businesses run easier. But the most dangerous thing to ever happen is a natural gas leak. Modern Plumbing Company, Inc. has expert technicians ready to assist you with protecting your home or business from a possible explosion or fire due to a natural gas leak. We offer affordable natural gas testing and leak repair services in Pasadena.

The dire need to get your natural gas line tested has never been more prevalent. Whether you're cooking on your stove, burning logs in your fireplace or heating your building with your furnace – you may be at risk for disaster if your natural gas line is leaking. Modern Plumbing Company, Inc. can test your gas line to make sure it's working properly as well as check and repair any leaks or leak dangers. Our experts serve residential and commercial clients day or night in the Texas areas of Pasadena and Houston. We also serve you after hours for your convenience in the event of an emergency.

In the event you suspect there to be a natural gas leak in your home or business (you can usually smell an odor like rotten eggs), evacuate the premises immediately and call 911.

Call Modern Plumbing Company, Inc. today at (281) 487-8172 and ask us about our Pasadena natural gas testing and leak repair services.